Friday, May 17, 2013

7 quick takes

1. I finally got my picture to upload, by using Chrome. Have a heart, Firefox. I want to like you better, if only because you have my usernames and some of my passwords stored, but if you don't even work, that's not good for your continued usage. Anyway, here is the photo I was trying to upload:

2. I am not familiar with the products of this clothing store, but someone should have rethought this advertising campaign. When I walk past this store IN MAY in a coat, with an umbrella, wishing I had a scarf on, seeing this window just makes me want to break the window politely explain how this advertisement is insensitive to those of us in climately-challenged regions of Europe. Like, you know, all of Germany.

3. However, we are now past the feastday of "cold Sophie," so now it's safe to plant your crops because the ground is unlikely to freeze. Hear that? The ground probably won't freeze any more. IN MAY. Joy of joys, people.

4. Don't get me wrong, I like cold weather, but I like cold weather that comes in the form of snow and ice, not in the form of constant damp dripping. So, of course, the part of me that wants whatever weather I haven't got is planning a warmer vacation, namely...

5. Rome! I can buy a 5 day, three country Eurail pass for 234E. This will take me to Rome, back from Rome, to Berlin to visit my cousin, back from Berlin, and then to Duesseldorf at the end of the semester to fly home. Sounds pretty good to me! The catch (you knew there was one) is that all three trips have to be done inside of a month.

6. With that said, I think it's doable. I need to talk to my cousin in Berlin about coming to visit her, and talk to the friends who may well be traveling with me, but I think this is a plan worth pursuing, and I'm super excited! I've never been to Rome. I have a rosary JPII blessed that my grandparents gave me, and a rosary BXVI blessed that Kevin gave me, so now I need a rosary that Francis blessed too.

7. And last but not least, oh, how I wish Pope Francis had an abbreviation! Talking about JPII and BVXI makes me feel like I belong to some group of insiders who know the Vatican slang and sit around debating the relative merits of the OF and the EF, with references to VII and the GIRM, or NFP with references to TOB and HV. When talking about Pope Francis, I get no such sense. #catholicproblems?

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  1. The trips sound like great fun. I would say go for it.

  2. I know we can't even call him Frank, as a nick name.

  3. You could go kind of gangsta with the whole thing and do Papa Fran? P.Franny?