Monday, May 27, 2013

The Freiburg Sacristans!

Last Saturday, I went to go watch the Freiburg Sacristans play a home game. They are the local American football team. I really enjoyed watching the game, even though the Sacristans lost.

It was very interesting because the players were adults, but the whole vibe was more like a community youth team. There were no bleachers, and few spectators. When one of the players got injured, all the other players "took a knee" as we used to say until he was able to get up again, and everyone applauded as he limped off the field.

I took some photos, which unfortunately didn't come out quite as well as I had hoped they would, but here they are anyway!

There were two groups of cheerleaders, one called the Nuggets and one called Native Gold. To me, those both sound like types of potatoes. Then again, they were cheering for a football team called the Sacristans...

The backdrop of the game was the lovely forest. On the other hand, those threatening clouds did in fact start raining on us during halftime.

I tried to dress in Sacristan purple and gold. I really did. But once I put on my sweatshirt over the purple T-shirt, I somehow found myself wearing the burgundy and gold of the Redskins! Old habits die hard, it seems.

The final score. Ouch.

You might notice that that is a weird football score. I saw only one attempt to kick the extra point, and only a few punts. I think that both teams must have exclusively poor kickers--they always went for a two-point conversion (and usually failed) and almost always went for it on fourth down, even in the middle of the field. No one ever tried to kick a field goal. As a result, most of the scores were either 6 or 8 points.

I believe there are two home games left this season, and I hope to go to at least one more!


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