Sunday, June 2, 2013

7 quick and late takes, vol 7

1. Sneaking in just before the deadline here! I have been very busy, and when I haven't been busy I have been busy being unproductive relaxing.

2. On Thursday was Corpus Christi, which will get a post of its own because there are a lot of pictures. I went and had lunch at the Seepark after the procession, thereby checking another thing off the Summer Fun List.

3. On Friday, we had an all-day outing for the Medieval Mindset class. That is probably worth a post of its own too, so I won't say any more about that, except that I met a member of the German minor nobility--a count. And our entire class accidentally crashed a funeral. So that was an interesting day.

4. Saturday, we rode the Oldtimerlinie, which, again, will be in its own post. Then my drama class went to the opera. We were ridiculously high up--I wished I had brought my binoculars! There were no higher seats anywhere.
This is the Stuttgart opera house. It looked so nice. Unfortunately, I was way underdressed. Oh well.

5. Today, Sunday, there was the universal hour of Eucharistic Adoration with the pope. Apparently it was mostly being done in the cathedrals, but the cathedral here was being used for a concert, so it was in St. Martin's across the street. I prayed all four decades of the rosary. At one point, I felt like I was in a Tridentine Mass, because Pater Markus was praying something in Latin. Since I didn't understand it, I just kept praying my rosary!

6. Being gluten-free makes me feel so much better, but recently I have noticed another benefit: I can tolerate way more lactose than I used to be able to! Processed dairy products, like yogurt and cheese and ice cream don't bother me at all in small quantities. I hate not eating gluten products, but it does improve my life so much.

7. I have been practicing taking better photos using the manual setting on my camera. It's surprisingly easy to get better photos than the auto setting will get me, especially in poor or bright light.

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