Friday, June 14, 2013

7 quick takes, volume 9

1. I haven't posted, because not much has been happening that's terribly interesting.

2. On Tuesday, Kevin turned 21. We didn't really celebrate much, since it was in the middle of the week. But I made sesame chicken and chocolate cake, and that was good fun. We shared the cake with a roommate and his boyfriend and there was still a huge amount left over.

3. Wednesday we had our farewell dinner for the study abroad program. Those of us in University courses aren't leaving for another six weeks, and they threw us in with another IES program who we never see (because they don't speak German), so the farewell part kind of got lost. But it had free food, so no complaints.

4. Thursday was the All-American Barbecue at the university, sponsored by the international club. Everything was almost-but-not-quite right. I did get a picture of me wearing the uniform of the local American football team, and Kevin won the pie eating contest. That was funny.

5. Everyone I know is frantically doing large amounts of work before the semester ends. I have two papers due, one of which is ten pages and one of which is eight to ten pages. The ten page one is onto page ten, and I am not sure it can really get longer. Combined with the fact that I can write German much faster than everybody else on the program, I have so much more free time that it makes me feel kind of guilty. Oh well.

6. Apparently the score I got on the placement test at the beginning of the year was the best score the teacher has ever seen. I learned that on Wednesday night.

7. My seasonal allergies have only just showed up. I had thought I had escaped them by switching continents, but apparently the terrible weather here just delayed them. Speaking of weather, we skipped spring. We went from where-is-my-winter-coat weather to I-wish-I-didn't-value-the-virtue-of-modesty weather. Sigh.

I'm writing these while drinking my coffee, so if they don't make sense, you can find ones written after coffee at Jen's blog.

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