Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Corpus Christi!

Or, as the Germans call it, Fronleichnam. It's a big deal over here.

To begin with, it's on Thursday. I think if you told a German that in the US a lot of bishops move it to Sunday, they would be horrified. Especially because in Germany, everyone gets the day off school or work. After Mass, there was a long procession carrying the Eucharist around the city. I took lots of pictures, and here they are.

 To begin with, we were greeted by a banner of the SSPX. I am not sure if I should interpret it as a heretical statement that we are all on the same page or a difference-crossing celebration of a common belief. Do the SSPX people have valid Eucharist? I don't even know. (I stopped wearing my chapel veil here, because I get hostile glares from everyone. I think the other people think I am part of the SSPX.)
 So many people, blocking all the street. See all those trees? Those are all branches put up along the procession way to decorate the streets.
 Businesses and houses put up their own displays too, either flowers and pictures, like this one,
 or just Vatican-colored flags.
 historic buildings,
even Lufthansa got in on the fun!

 This banner outside the hair salon is printed with the first few lines of the Lamb of God.

 This is the crowd filling the square outside the church at the end of the procession.
We had lovely weather. It was the one day that week that it didn't pour rain. The bishop said that some of the event planners had been taught a lesson about trusting in God! It was a lovely day, and I am glad I went, even if I was sore the next day from carrying my picnic lunch around.


  1. I'm glad you got to experience this. One correction though: not all Germans get the day off. As far as I know it's only in Baden-Wuerttemberg and Bayern. Honestly, I don't know what the Catholics in the other Bundeslaender do. Whether they celebrate it on Sunday or just have Mass before work (or take the day off).

  2. Oh, true! I forgot it varies by state. I think they also get the day off in NRW, or at least they did in 2008. Perhaps they do what Americans do and go before or after work.

  3. Sophie,

    The SSPX have valid (if obviously illicit) Eucharist, but invalid marriages and confessions, as they lack faculties from the local bishop.

    Tschuss bis zum naechsten Mal,

  4. Thanks for the clarification! Good to know.