Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Prayer request

I don't usually ask people to pray for me (maybe because all my friends are so quick to offer!) but now I am going to. Monday night I had severe stomach pain. I thought it was my gallbladder and therefore not urgent, so I waited until the morning to go to the doctor. He diagnosed me with appendicitis and sent me off to the hospital.

The hospital ran a battery of tests (many ultrasounds, blood tests, urine test, and three different doctors) and sent me home because they didn't see a conclusive reason to operate. They had me come back this morning and the situation is much the same: my appendix is definitely causing me pain, but the blood tests and ultrasounds wouldn't by themselves suggest surgery. So I am going back again tomorrow at 8am and if things aren't better the doctor said they will probably do surgery and remove my appendix since it certainly seems to be the source of the pain.

I am not too terribly worried, since I am under the care of the head surgeon (apparently my case is too weird to trust to a regular doctor) in ambulatory surgery at the best hospital in Freiburg. But of course, avoiding surgery and general anesthesia is always a good thing!

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