Thursday, June 6, 2013


Ok, now I'm all caught up. Or I will be, once I'm done this post.

This is what we did last Saturday: rode ancient streetcars. Once a month during the summer, the old streetcars get pulled out of storage and driven around, and you can ride them for free.
 This one is from 1959, I believe.

 Some nice old ladies offered to take our picture getting on. I put the camera back on auto for them, and the sky is all blown out. Yay.
 Wood paneling inside! How classy.
 The ride was free, but you could buy a souvenir ticket for 2E, so we did.

 Standing in the rain, waiting to switch to the other old streetcar.
 This one is from 1929.
 10 DM if you ride without a ticket!

 The handles to hold onto are made of wood, and those strings are leather cords, to pull to signal the train to stop.

 Here's the front of the 1929 train.

 Waiting in the rain again.

 I love old signs. But I can't imagine the uproar if a streetcar today had seats reserved for "severely damaged" people!


  1. That looks like fun. I may put that on my list for the summer too (I'm coming to Germany in a month). In regard to the blown-out sky: isn't it a nice feeling that your pictures are generally better than the ones taken in auto-mode?

  2. Are you coming to Freiburg?
    And yes, it's great! I never expected it to be this easy to improve my photography.