Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Medieval Mindset Excursion

Twice this semester, we have gone on an excursion for our Medieval Mindset class. This basically works in the following way: Get up extremely early. Ride around in a bus all day looking at old things. So far, something has gone wrong each time. The first time, someone got sick and threw up. The second time, the time this post is about, it poured all day. With that said, we did get to sleep in a bit because of that!

 This is Burg Rotteln.
 This is a church in France. We tried to hide from the rain in it. Unfortunately, someone had already scheduled a funeral and didn't tell us. When, to our surprise and shock, they brought in the coffin, we hightailed it out of there.
 A stork! We saw at least four different storks. I love them so much. I just wish the weather had been better so the pictures would have been better.
 This is the most adorable tiny castle ever.
 We also took a tour of the city of Staufen. Due to an accident while drilling for some sort of geochemical energy, something cracked and now the tectonic plates under the city are shifting and the buildings are being destroyed.
 See the way this house leans forward? That was done on purpose to maximize the living space while minimizing the amount of property you had to pay taxes on. It also made it easier to haul things up into the top floor without scraping the walls.
 So many cracks! :(
 Kalte Sophie! My patron saint! I want to go back there and buy some ice cream.
 We finished up our day with a lovely classy wine tasting.

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