Friday, December 20, 2013

7 QT, Volume 19

Productivity is still pretty high. The packing has slowed down a little, but the elfing has ramped up. Once I am done my elfing, I will pack away all my sewing supplies.

Elfing may be a word that only exists within the confines of my family. It means to make, buy, or wrap Christmas presents. Did we make it up, or is it a real word?

I just googled. Apparently, it is a word, but not always a nice word. Urban dictionary seems to think it means doing various unpleasant things to people while they are passed out drunk. Google at your own risk; some of them are definitely not G-rated.

I think I like our meaning better.

Anyway, I had two Christmas presents left, but I have also been co-opted to help with a third one that has to be hidden from a certain young person, so I will be working on that while she is out learning about whatever she learns about from our homeschool co-op.

I just reserved two tickets for a ballroom dance to go to with Kevin. Now I have to find my formal dress. I know I have it somewhere, but it got lost while I was in Germany.

Lastly, and slightly randomly, who has good ideas of what to do with old earrings? I could donate them to a thrift store or give them away, but I'm wondering if anyone has any more creative or interesting ideas. They're all for pierced ears, and my holes grew back together last semester.

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  1. Can you possibly take off the backs, put a hole in them, and turn them into pendants?