Friday, April 12, 2013

7 quick takes

1. A priest alumnus of CUA just got awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously! Go here and scroll down to Rev. Emil Kapaun. He is also a Servant of God and up for beatification (although that link is from 2010 so it's kind of out of date). This is exciting. I hope I will live to see a CUA alumnus canonized! There's a Washington Post story about him here.

2. I went on a lovely hike with some friends from IES today. We tried to find some old ruins, but we took a wrong turn somewhere and by the time we figured out where we were, the ruins were very far away. We found a lovely cross on the mountainside as a monument to the first and second World Wars. It was what the Germans would call a "Mahnmal," which is a monument that also serves as a reminder not to do something again!

3. Kevin found me a recipe for gluten-free American-takeout-style sesame chicken. I have never been more excited for a recipe in my life. I am trying it on Sunday.

4. I am trying so hard to be open to this German apartment where I am living with complete strangers, but someone messed my French press all up. It is bent and stained and I seriously have no idea how someone damaged it that much in one morning. Also, someone who can't read the large sign that says to remove your shoes tracked dirt all over the bathroom, which, when combined with the water from her shower, led to mud on the bathroom floor. The real problem is that, since I don't know these people, I have a hard time confronting them. My poor French press is staying in my room from now on, and if I get a new one, that one is too.

5. My classes for this semester also got all confused and messed up. One of them got canceled, and one of them turns out to conflict with a bunch of mandatory excursions for another class. At this point, it looks like I will be taking four courses (not counting the German course I took earlier), but I am going to wait for a week or two to tell CUA this, just in case another problem arises.

6. The plus side of not being able to take my original schedule is that it increases the chances I can go to Greece, at least a little bit. Apparently it would be cheaper to leave Thursday night. Now granted I have a class Thursday night, but I think I could skip it once with no very bad effects, or possibly leave after it.

7. Even though these last few takes have been negative, I am having a good time. I can't wait to settle into a routine once all my classes start!

(Edit: I forgot to add the link to the rest of the quick takes! Duh! Here you go.)

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